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This was my first incentive vacation with Travorium. I went all by myself and loved it. The resort stay was at the Mayan Palace at the Vidanta Properties compound in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The vacations was 6 Days and 5 nights. The suite was a 2 bed with patio and Ffull bathroom. The drive was interesting getting there. The staff treated me very well. I felt safe and happy the whole time. This was a vacation at the beginning of December and the resort started putting up Christmas and holiday decorations. The compound was made up of 9 resort hotels and filled with shopping, dining and entertainment. They even had a 18 hole golf coarse, water park and world class entertainment venue with a
Cirque Du Soleil performing group. The whole 300 acre compaund was more than enough fun. It would take weeks to do everything. I loved the pools and the beach. And the room service and the jungle all around me. I loved it and can’t wait to go back. I have so many great memories from the trip. Now it is time for more.

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Kyle Thrower

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