Earn 5,000 loyalty points for every qualified Travel Video submission.

Travel The World, Experience More, and Create Memories that will last a lifetime! We have thousands of members that are getting ready for their World Tours and Getaways. Share those incredible memories on our stories website!

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Share your story with your friends and family, downline, and prospects. Nothing quite highlights your travel experience like a great video. This video will help your business grow by showing the power of using your Travel Points on incredible trips worldwide.

Earn Loyalty Points Every qualified Video

Every World Tour story submission will receive 5,000 Loyalty Points per qualified video. Loyalty Points can be used on Hotels, Cruises, and Airfare. We want to say thank you for submitting your travel testimony. We can’t wait to see you travel worldwide by using your Travel Points to reduce your World Tour or Getaway up to 75% off.

Loyalty points will be awarded on the 15th of the following month on successful submissions.

Travel Video Tips

We recommend you take video footage of you packing your luggage, boarding and taking off of the plane, grabbing your bags at the airport, getting on and off your shuttle/car, checking into the hotel lobby, checking into the room. Include a brief description of the trip in under 10 seconds and tell us about the pool grounds, restaurants, and of course don’t forget to top it off with showing yourself having fun!




Whether your trip is a Getaway, that we offer to our members for as low as $60 per week, or one of our exclusive World Tours, we want to hear about it!

What makes a Qualified Story?

A qualified story should highlight your travel experience to the fullest. The video should be no longer than 2 minutes (60-90 seconds preferred), and make sure to be authentic.

The layout of the video should include your journey with video of you boarding the airplane and the airplane taking off the runway (if possible). Include your arrival at the resort and some of your check in process. While you walk into the room either take pictures or show the room briefly. In this section of the video is when you should include the deal you received on this World Tour or Getaway. For the remaining bulk of the video, you should highlight your experience, this can include (but is not limited to), you going to a restaurant, enjoying the pool, having a day at the spa, and any other activities that you might try while you are on your trip.

Highlight your vacation and show the world what it’s like to travel with Travorium.


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The video must be shot on a Gateway or World Tour.
Make sure to get shots of the hotel grounds and room.
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Step 4

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