My Story

This was my first booking with P2S and I am honestly blown away by the sheer
ease of booking and the vast variety of hotels available to us.
I booked a 2 night StayCation at the Grosvenor House in the Dubai Marina. I
paid $300 in total as well as AED 20 for the Municipality tax, all other taxes were included which is phenomenal.
Upon check in I was upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite worth $700 for the duration I was there, we were also given breakfast, 25% off of food and beverages as well as the membership package which allowed us to to have a afternoon tea as well as pre dinner drinks Free of Charge for both nights.
Upon entry into the room there was a letter welcoming us, a chocolate cake, a bottle of wine and a fruit basket.
I am honestly blown away at the ease of booking, the prices we can book at, the hotels we can book at and the relationships that the Harts have curated, thank you.
I am now in the process of deciding where to go for NYE this year, however, we will be booking probably another 3 or 4 Staycations prior to this.

Dollars Saved

The Details

Bianca Pewtress
Grosvenor House, Dubai

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