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Thank you so much for offering this competition. I would like to enter the videonfrom our amazing Getaway at the Hilton Craigendarroch Lodges near Ballater, in Scotland, UK.
This was our first family Getaway and we absolutely loved it. It was the best time and we had the most fun as a family that we’d had in a very long time. We were able to have a family holiday while we visited our family who still live in Scotland. We had not seen them for a long time and we couldn’t stay with them this year because of the different circumstances we are facing with the pandemic.
Booking and all the arrangements were easy and we saved so much on our
booking by using my travel points. We just wouldn’t have been able to have a
holiday like this if it wasn’t for our travel club, I’m so grateful to be part of this. I didn’t have all of the details about the competition until after we had already been on our summer Getaway, so my original video is over 4 mins long. If the longer, original version of the video would be a contribution to share or for any of your marketing information, you are very welcome to use it. I haven’t got any experience with editing videos yet, so I reached out to Paul Middleton, in our Dragonfly Voyagers group in the UK, and asked for help. Paula not only offered to edit it, but has worked on it over the weekend and created this wonderful video. I am so grateful to the support and friendship I get from others I have met through our travel club, it’s one of the many things I really value about it. I got quite emotional watching it as I remembered how happy the girls were, hugging me after we’ve arrived and thanking me for making our family holiday possible and having somewhere so amazing to stay, then running around our lovely lodge and also exploring the resort looking for native red squirrels, and so many more happy memories.
The photograph I have included is of my husband and our 2 daughters on the
balcony of our lodge. I do have a lovely one of the 4 of us, taken at the top of the hill of the resort, but I could only upload one photo. Do let me know if you’d prefer the other one. Our travel club is so awesome and it’s really magnified by the wonderful people we have in our group and the kind and generous leadership we get from David,
Adela and so many others.
Thank you again and kindest wishes

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Claire Doig
Ballater, Scotland

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