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This was our first DREAMCATIONS !
I was so moved when i saw our room for the WORLD TOUR at the Wynn it was so beautiful ! And having Alexa was speechless. Our experience was amazing not only for the incredible deals we got, but also for the people we met and the precious time we spent with them. After the Wynn, we stayed one week for a GETAWAY at the Bluegreen Vacation Club 36. Really nice and practical appartment. And the price omg ! Our relatives barely believe us ! Then we decided to extend our vacations by addinting 2 more nights at the Caesars Palace with the TRAVEL SITE. The whole trip was one of the best of our lives. Despite all the restrictions dues to Covid-19, we never felt so free. Money is not a problem anymore for doing what we want. The more we can save for hotels, the more wen can use for fun & restaurants ! 😀

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Naomi Wong
Las Vegas, NV

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