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My name is Sam and this is our story, we have been using the club for the past three years, but this year has to be the best so far, even the dog loved it.

I have always wanted to take my children on a canal boating holiday but have not been able to afford it, well that was before the club.

In April this year the week before we came out of the UK lockdown I was able to book a week on a canal boat and was on holiday in the UK the day after we all came out of lockdown, believe me it was needed.

We enjoyed our trip so much that we came back again in October, the trips each should have cost £1300 but we only paid £151.28 at the point of booking.

Are first trip we went up the Kennet & Avon Canal on to the river Thames through to Oxford which was great fun, the second trip we stayed on the canal and took it easy.

We had to work as a team to move the boat due to the locks and bridges for me as a mother seeing my children work as one made the holiday for me and Maimee has always wanted our dog Tilly to come. So this year I have been able to keep all happy again through the club.

Great experience would recommend it to anyone as you really do get to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Thank you to all at Travorium from us as this membership has truly changed so much for us.

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Samantha Gallagher
United Kingdom

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