Travel Contest Video Promotion!

We are very excited to announce that we will be having another Travel Contest Video Promotion!!!

This contest ends November 10th, 2021. The contest only includes World Tour footage from 2021.

A Winner Every Month + 3 Grand Prize Winners!

We have thousands of members that are getting ready for their 2021 World Tours and Getaways. Travel The World, Experience More, and Create Memories that will last a lifetime! Share those incredible memories on our stories website!

A Winner Every Month

Each month we will be selecting a new winner that produces the best video. The winner will receive $250.00 in Loyalty Points to go towards your next Travel Adventure!

Grand Prize Winners
On November 15th we will have a Grand Prize where we will select three winners for the best travel story (cash).
1st Place: $1,000.00
2nd Place: $500.00
3rd Place: $250.00
Travel Video Tips

Shoot a video of you packing your luggage, boarding/take-off of the plane, Grabbing bags at the airport, Shuttle/Car to Hotel, Check into the hotel Lobby, Checking into the room. A Brief description of the trip under 10 seconds, Pool Grounds, Restaurants, and top it off with fun ( Swimming, Dancing, Eating, Activities)

This contest only includes entries from World Tours of 2021. Submit your entry below.




Whether your trip is a Getaway, that we offer to our members for as low as $60 per week, or one of our exclusive World Tours, we want to hear about it!

What does this Do for you?

We will be using these videos for marketing material. Our goal is to show the world that Travorium offers its distributors and customers trips and Getaways that cannot be rivaled. But there is more in it for you! In this contest we will be providing people with an opportunity to earn more travel points based on their submission. We will also be giving away ONE GRAND PRIZE!

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Step 1

Record Your Trip

Step 2

Upload your Video to YOUTUBE or VIMEO

Step 3

Fill out the Form
The video should be around 2 minutes.
The video must be shot on a Gateway or World Tour.
Make sure to get shots of the hotel grounds and room.
Talk about the price and discount of your trip. (No personal information)
Video must be on Youtube or Vimeo (do not send us a video)

Step 4

Use this site to promote your trip and other trips!